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Learn SEO, templating, and many useful website maintenance tips!

Cascade Server Enterprise CMS

Need help with new installs, redesign, or existing setup?

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Over 13 years of CMS work experience in large enterprise and small business settings.

Web Development
& Design

We only deliver what we would use ourselves!

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Web development expertise in Cascade Server, ModX, Django Mezzanine, & Wordpress

Templates & Customization

Template customizations for small to large businesses

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We customize Cascade Server, ModX, Django Mezzanine, & Wordpress installations!

Consulting Service

Ask us for help with anything under the sun. We'll be glad to help.

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Project management. Coding. Integration. Deployment. Casual or corporate!

Specializing in Cascade Server CMS

For our enterprise-level clients, we recommend Hannon Hill's
Cascade Server Content Management System (CMS).

Consulting Services

DollFires, Inc. is highly experienced in large-scale deployments, planning, and building Cascade Server implementations from the ground up. Hire us when you decide to use this awesome enterprise CMS, and we'll put best practices in place so that you can maintain your web pages with ease.

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Maintenance, Workflow, & Templates

If you already have a Hannon Hill Cascade Server CMS, let us help you in your next website redesign or simply allow us to add more easily editable templates so your content editors will love working on your content! We can also help you with workflow, roles, web services, or whatever comes to your mind.

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Web Development and Design

Using Cascade Server, ModX, Django Mezzanine, and Wordpress

Customize your website to fit your needs

For most of our projects, we build our sites backed with a content management system that fits your business, so you can maintain your website easily. The technologies we choose for your system are products that we are proud to use ourselves — Grow your business with ease knowing that reliability and scability are built-in.

We currently use and recommend Cascade Server, ModX, Django Mezzanine, and Wordpress for our customers, depending on the scale and needs of your business. If you have other technologies in mind, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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